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2021 Spring, Hope and Happiness Art Exhibition

Have you heard of the 2021 Spring, Hope and Happiness Art Exhibition? Hosted by The Wish❤Heart Fund, it is an exhibit in honour of children and families that are fighting childhood cancer.

Kids ages 18 and under are invited to create a work of art to go with the theme of Spring, Hope and Happiness. The goal is to spread joy to children and families living at McMaster Children’s Hospital by decorating the inpatient unit and sharing beautiful creations with uplifting messages of hope for spring.

My darling daughter, Charlie drew the below pictures that have been shared with the cancer fighting kiddies at Mac.

Image 1: Charlie riding her bike on the ocean next to a whale (there are NO sharks in the water!)

Image 2: a unicorn

Image 3: a mermaid


Want to participate? Registration is free! When you register, you will get your own page to upload your art and collect donations. 100% of the money raised will support amenities for patients and families in the 3B2 inpatient oncology unit at McMaster Children's Hospital.

If you are interested in donating, or know a kid who would like to participate in this awesome art exhibit, click here

No child should have to battle cancer, and no family fights alone. Together we can make a difference.

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